Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bunny Day

Recently, it was Bunny Day in my workshop. I used an angora sweater that I saved from a charity thrift store and repurposed into fun little spring  bunnies.

Walter is the bunny with legs, and Wiggle is the one without. Aptly named because he doesn’t walk, he just wiggles. Both have a warm hand-knit blue scarf and glass bead eyes and noses. Walter has a tail, but Wiggle must have lost his tail along the way.

Walter looks for Wiggle, and Wiggle pretends to be a statue.

I thought Walter turned out so well, I made him a friend. I have to rework my pattern a bit for the legs, so I just made Wiggle with none. The legs were supposed to look bent under him as if bunched, but I am not a sewing pattern maker, so the legs did not translate very well from my mental vision to finsihed project. Perhaps there will be one or two more bunnies in the near future…with or without legs.

Next, Rectangle Rita will be further transformed into a doll/handpuppet…
Oh the fun of creating! Off to the knitting needles.

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