Monday, April 14, 2008

Things That I Remember (1)

I was lying on the couch under the cooler yesterday afternoon after doing a LOT of housework, and moving furniture and whatnot, and I was reminded of when I was a child and I would lie on my grandmother's bed right near the water cooler. The noise of the fan blades was comfortable and soothing, and the drip drip drip of the water had a hypnotic effect. I loved to lie there by the cooler and close my eyes and wonder what the future had in store. Funny how the wondering is often so much more interesting than the reality!

In honor of this remembrance, I went to Etsy in search of an item that would capture the essence of lying in front of that cooler. I have found "Whispered in the Breeze," a signed photographic print at: It is not a water cooler, but it is a fan from bygone days that does give a sense of nostalgia. These old fans were wonderful and well-constructed; unlike the plastic ones of today.  Through this print, one can dream of bygone days (and no fingers will be harmed in the spinning metal blades!).

The sound they made was better than plastic, and the breeze they created was stronger. I say we pay tribute to the marvelous fans of yesteryear, and visit AliciaBock to purchase a little piece of serenity! Even if this print is no longer available, she has many others that may just tug at your memory string.  What can you remember? Check back next Monday to see what else I remember...and what object I might find to symbolize that memory.

Have a lovely evening, all.

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