Monday, April 28, 2008

Things That I Remember (3)

Well, every day is simply not going to happen any time soon, but every Monday is something I can commit to, at least!

This week, I did not have a specific memory in mind, but I rattled around in my head a bit and found one. When I was about five years old, I had a back yard of rock for a short time. There were small gravel rocks and larger white landscaping rocks with shiny glints of quartz in them. I had a set of three or four tiny glass bottles that I absolutely loved to play with outside in the back yard. I would place pebbles in the bottles, then fill them with water until the pebbles were displaced and would wash back out.

I could escape into a world of my own making, and play for hours. My bottles were purple, blue, pink, and milky white, and each had a different shape and texture. There was a purple one with a round bottom and a narrow neck, like the I Dream of Jeannie bottle, and it had little nubby dots on the outside. One was square, one oval, and one just barrel-shaped. I love this memory thing! Now that I have remembered the bottles, I remember the 70's wood spool furniture, the chair made out of a converted wine barrel that stored items under its cushion, my brother sneaking to watch Johnny Carson after his bedtime, and walking with my brother across the street to the soda shop to buy a popsicle...

Until next week...

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