Sunday, May 18, 2008

Book binder, Editor, Publisher

Today, we went out for lunch, as we sometimes do on Sundays, and then caught up on grocery shopping. I began to pack up the kitchen when we arrived home, but I have been stopped any number of times by my daughter today with requests to make something.

First, she was sad that we had sold the green Fisher Price mountain at the yard sale. Her stuffed rabbit came to me and asked in a very stern manner, "Why did you get rid of our mountain? Don't you know that rabbits lived in there?" So, the directive was to please make a suitable new rabbit hutch so that the rabbit friends would be able to sleep at night. I made a felt rabbit hutch out of brown felt for the floor and green felt for the roof. She was happy. (Although she did say that she would like a pink version, and a black version next.)
Next, I had to make a book for Teddy to take to school in his backpack. She wanted it to be a book about dogs. This is what I made:

I made Teddy a composition notebook with 25 sheets of lined paper so he might fulfill all his learning objectives. I used stab stitch technique for the binding.  I put a sticker of a dog on the front so it would be about dogs. Teddy was happy. The child was happy.

Teddy was prepared to put the book to good use.

He did not get very far, because the child said that she had really meant for the book to be a STORY about dogs. She had the story in mind, and asked me to write it down.

She said the title was Two Puppies Met Each Other. I wrote the title. She then began to dictate the story in all too fast a manner. I had to slow her down several times, as I could not keep up. I wrote the story exactly as it was dictated. Here is an excerpt:

One day, two puppies met each other. They went to the park. They went to the zoo. They went to see their cat friends. They went to the woods to see their bear friend. They went to play with their dog friend, Scruffy..
There is much more, and the two puppies have a grand adventure. The child is surprisingly good, for possessing so few years on this planet, at telling a complete story. There is a beginning, there is variety, there is a middle, there is action, and there is an ending. I even put a word in wrong, and she corrected me. (It was supposed to be dog and I wrote cat instead when referring to Fluffy. She has many more stories to tell.

Next, her teddy bears were in the Barbie Mansion, and they requested a television to watch. We own no Barbies, but we saved a Barbie Mansion from certain death at a block sale over a year ago for $5.00. It was $5.00 very well spent. So, since Teddy had worked very hard at his school work today, I wanted to reward his request for a television. I took a small cardboard box which had delivered Adagio tea to my home some time ago, and I taped some repetitive cat photos to the long side. Voi'la! Teddy and his friends have a widescreen t.v. in their mansion.

I believe my creating duties are at an end for the day, but I did not get much packing done! I am happy that my daughter is learning to nurture her imagination, and that we are able to show her that there are ways to translate creative energy into tangible objects. Now, it is time to put the rabbits in their hutch, and the young author in her bed.
Have a wonderful Sunday night...

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