Friday, May 16, 2008

Farmer's Market Returns

Oh, I love this time of year! It was hot, hot, hot today, but I just finished a nice bowl of frozen cherries. Today was the second day of the local seasonal Farmer's Market, and I bought my entire dinner there. I was disappointed that the Organic vendor was not present, and was not there last week, but I still purchased some things from other local vendors who do not use pesticides and herbicides.

I purchased cherries, red onions, cheese, bread, and tomatoes. The bread was an amaranth pecan cranberry loaf, and the cheese was a tangy garlic jack. It was too hot to even think about cooking or eating heavy foods, so Farmer's Market day was very welcome.

When I arrived home, we sliced the bread loaf, sliced the tomatoes, pitted the cherries, and cubed the cheese. We sat down to a cool, refreshing, light repast, and put the cherries in the freezer for our later dessert. I used my canvas market tote to purchase my dinner, and I purchased from local vendors...I am content.

I will be keeping my own garden again at my new place after the move. I am looking forward to adding photos of my own fruits and vegetables here soon as well. Until then, happy Farmer's Market shopping!!

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