Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saved Memories

I am on a roll now! Today, I have emptied my closet and packed my winter work clothes into the moving box. Yes, just one moving box of work clothing thus far, and hopefully only another box or two of clothing total! I am stripping it down to basics, I say!!

Now the fun part of cleaning my closet. I got to sift through my memento boxes in an attempt to consolidate.

Next, I opened them all up at the same time so I could get a feel for the contents.
I am back to the aforementioned PackRat title, but I must say in some respects, I am happy to hold that particular label. I have been looking through these boxes for the better part of two hours, which I suppose is pretty indulgent given that I have only four weeks in which to pack an entire household. I have found wonderful memories and old friends. I wonder why I do not look at these more often.

I have wedding invitations from people who are no longer married, and the birth certificate for my Cabbage Patch doll called Melinda. The doll is long gone, but the memory of her little dimple and curly hair remains. I have an envelope containing the front cover of Time from July 13, 1987 (along with the cover story) of the Oliver North saga when it was the biggest story of the day. Postcards from Germany in 1987 when two of my friends were there, and a letter from Spain in 1999 when a childhood friend went to Pamplona for the running of the bulls. I have a newspaper clipping from my High School newspaper when the story covered the Drama teacher's 15 minutes of fame. His band played the pre-game show of the Super Bowl that year. I have the program from my Eighth Grade Graduation Ceremony.

I have notes and cards from my mom dating back to 1985 and before...

This is a card my mom gave me in 1985, just because. She wanted to let me know she was thinking of me, and she was proud of my accomplishments.

And one in which she put a fun cartoon clipping and an inspirational card from Cracker Jack:
I think we forget the important things in life all too often. We forget to send cards and notes to our loved ones, and we forget to stop and savor moments and memories. I feel fortunate that I have had so much correspondence and so many people giving me cards and sentiments over the course of my lifetime. I have preserved bits and pieces of my life that I can now re-visit whenever the mood strikes.
Maybe I will find time to highlight some others in the coming days. Until then, go and pen a note or letter or card to a loved one. I mean, a "for reals and trues" handwritten card or note that requires an envelope and a stamp. Then, put it in the mail!
Have a lovely Saturday evening.

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