Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Quest to Divest (myself of excess belongings)

We are moving in about 30 days. Whoa, this is quite the endeavor! So, I have been planning to chronicle my journey for some time, but have been soooo busy, I have not had time to begin. Now, I begin.

So far, I have had two yard sales, and given two full bags of books to FreeCycle recipients. I have gotten rid of a couch set, a white wicker settee and chair, a 6' tall oak double bookcase, a rocking pony, a Fisher Price play mountain I have lugged around for about 10 years, many clothes, baby blankets, a Queen size bed-in-a-bag kit with throw pillows, kid shoes, board games, a surprising number of VHS videos, and other miscellany.

I have barely made a dent! I live in a 4 bedroom house on 8 acres. The house has a 5th room that is a laundry room/family room/den/office. We own more things than any one family ought to have, and we do not live extravagantly or purchase incessantly. Quite simply put, I am a pack-rat. (Sorry to the rats who might have been offended by this stereotype)

We want to use only a 17' truck to move, and we want to take ZERO pieces of furniture with us. I think my daughter's toys alone could fill up a 17' truck right now! Let us not even begin to inventory my craft and sewing and knitting supplies. I might need a tow-behind trailer for these!

Our goal is to pare down our belongings to the bare minimum, and only keep the extras to which we feel a real attachment, or those which are useful in art/crafting/creating. Getting rid of a household full of belongings is a logistical challenge. Today I brought home 10 boxes. I have thus far packed 17 boxes, mostly books and movies. I have sold our goats, and the sheep will be picked up within the next 10 days. Our quest has begun!

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