Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nature Converted

Here is the pile of materials awaiting me recently:I have ideas for all of these, but the stick is one of several that I recently saved from the scrap pile outside on The Ranch. Nobody really wanted them bundled inside the house, but they did not see that there was a soon-to-be-finished project hiding inside those sticks. They simply saw that now there would be a bundle of sticks to trip over, in addition to the bundles of yarn, fabric, thread, paper, and books that already adorn the inner landscape of our abode.
The stick is from part of a Eucalyptus tree that fell down in the yard in a storm. It has been drying outdoors in a covered area since I saved it from the woodpile. When I brought it inside, I began by cleaning and conditioning the stick with a wood preserver to give it a sheen and keep it from excessive drying.
Next, I disassembled a multi-strand bead necklace I had purchased at a public library book sale last October. I re-strung the strands so that a new single strand was long enough to wrap the stick to my satisfaction. Then I was ready to wind the strand onto the stick and secure.

This did take a bit of readjusting, as it had to wrap evenly from one end to the other. Once I finally had the strand wrapped and secured, it was time to add the ribbon strands. These vary in length from 20-25″. I used one brown ribbon on each end, and a sage green for the rest of the ribbons.

These I secured to the stick under the wrapped strand of beads. I could have affixed them before the beads, but experience has taught me that the hanging ribbons make the wrapping process much more difficult.

Here is one of the brown ribbons on the end. In this photo, you can also see the clear beading line that I used to secure the strand of beads to the end, and to make a loop for hanging the final project.

Now it was time to hang the finished project on the wall.
What is it, you ask? Well, now it was time to adorn the finished project with the photos that would live on the ribbons below my converted piece of nature.
Voi’la! I have used a little gift from my tree outside to decorate our space, and to give some family photos a day in the sun. I simply love hanging nature indoors!

Thank you for checking in to Convert Nature With Me…

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