Monday, June 2, 2008


Imagine your alarm clock blaring "Margaritaville." You roll over sleepily and hit the snooze button until the alarm is now blaring "Bad Moon Rising." Reluctantly, you roll over and actually turn the alarm to the OFF position, then stretch, rub your eyes, and flip the covers off your nice snug frame.

Next, you slide into your slippers and shuffle off to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. If you have a smart coffee maker, the coffee is ready and waiting for you to simply add desired enhancment and sip yourself to alert sanity. If, however, you are burdened with an otherwise challenged coffeemaker, you must find filter, grounds, and water...and wait with your head in your hands until the desired black gold drips into the pot.

After your coffee cup is full, you mosey, NOT TO THE SHOWER, but to your desk...your home begin your workday. Now that is really the BEST of the COOLEST ways to begin a workday. No warming the car engine. No frantic hunt for the keys. No wondering if anybody will notice the wrinkles that could not be tamed by the iron or steamer. No uncomfortable shoes. No $3, $4, $5, $6, or $7.00 gasoline to chug you to the faraway destination.

Just the smell of fresh brewed coffee. The sun streaming through morning windows. The view of a mountainside from your chair. The hum of your computer workstation. The click of the mouse. The feel of fuzzy slippers. And satiny nightclothes. And messy hair. And the most awesome knowledge that lunch will be taken on the veranda overlooking the garden.

This will be my experience beginning on June 18, when I report BACK TO WORK at my current job FROM MY NEW LOCATION. I am ecstatic to report that my proposal to my current employer to keep me on and just have me work via remote login was greeted with enthusiasm. Wednesday, June 4 is my last day at work. Wednesday, June 18 is my first day at work at my old job in a new place.

I find it almost so difficult to believe that I might have to pinch myself, and others, until I can feel secure that it is really happening. Tomorrow, I meet with the IT guy (who really doesn't think I'm a total idiot anymore) to hammer out the details of my high speed Internet requirements.

Wish me luck, and that it all goes smoothly. It is a pilot project, so I am somewhat at the mercy of others. WooHoo!

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