Monday, August 25, 2008

Accomplished Tasks

Yesterday was a very satisfying day, indeed. Our Gravenstein apple tree has been dropping so many apples that we simply have been unable to keep up! Yesterday, we cut the bad spots off of several baskets of apples, and made a gallon of fresh apple juice. It is not much to look at, but it is about the best juice I have had.

We used apples that did not look pretty enough to display, or give away, or just eat. We grow our tree organically, so there are inevitably some bugs that share the crop. These also get bruised when they fall from the tree. We try to harvest them from the tree before they drop, but in a home setting, it is almost impossible to keep some from dropping on the ground.
After the cutting, the apples looked like this, and were ready for the juicer...

The froth it leaves is the part that does not look very appetizing, but it gives the juice body. We strained the final product, but did not fine filter it, so we were left with a nice unfiltered juice that we have to shake before pouring. We are used to purchasing unfiltered organic juice, so are always shaking anyway.

We were left with a gallon of sweet, yummy apple juice. It looks dark in color because we did not use any lemon to stop the oxidation of the apples. There is nothing in there but juice from our apples. No added ANYTHING! And no pasteurization. We don't need any, because today most of the gallon is already gone. It took 3 1/2 hours to make, with cutting and clean-up included. It looks like it will take about three days to drink. Will have to do it again soon!

Now I am left with 8 cups of pulp. I am going to have to make an apple cake. I must look for some recipes. When I was a child, my mother made apple cake for which she had to cut up several cups of apples. I might be able to modify that recipe...

Until then, I will leave you to admire the job I did on re-screening my front door screen yesterday as well:

It was fun, and it looks SO MUCH BETTER than it did. My daughter had been pushing the screen to open and close, and you can imagine what that did. I now lowered the glass in the top so she has a place to reach that does not dislodge the screen...

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