Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Berry Picking Time

What a marvelous adventure to be able to pick wild blackberries and pop a few into your mouth while you work!

The wild blackberries are fat and juicy and sweet, and just right for picking and eating. The morning air carries a hint of the coming of Autumn, and I find it very satisfying to find and gather wild sustenance to store away for the winter. These blackberries will go into the freezer so they will be there to remind us of the warmth of summer when we are enduring cold January.

These berries live on private property on the banks of the river
near our home. This means that they have been waiting for us, and have not been accosted by the passing motorists often seen parked on the sides of the road with all manner of collecting basins this time of year.

I wanted to take my wicker and grass woven baskets, but we ended up carrying much smaller plastic buckets for today's endeavor. I wore a pair of latex exam gloves to avoid the inevitable stains from the juice of the ripe berries.

For added protection against the needle sharp thorns, I wore my gardening gloves over the latex, and donned my long-sleeved sweatshirt. The edges of the lawn near the berries are often soggy, so I also wore my rubber galoshes.

There was a slight breeze, and two separate flocks of wild Canadian geese flew overhead while we peacefully plucked the berries from their thorny home.

As you can see, Mr. Nature might have done well to add

a pair of gardening gloves over his latex gloves as well. He also valiantly chose to charge in with only short sleeves. We both managed to come away unscathed, but the gloves did not fare so well.

We have about four pounds of berries for our effort, and the added bonus of a peaceful evening spent together in the gorgeous outdoors.

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debra said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your comment on the school lunches. I remember the same thing when I was in school. It's sad what it has come to.

Hope you enjoyed the berries!