Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fantabulous French Press

So, I had given up coffee, soda, and all other forms of caffeine. Not because I really HAD to for any reason, but I decided that these things are not really the best choices for maintaining optimum health. Also, I really cannot continue to ban these items from the diets of my children (okay, oldest is a lost cause already when it comes to soda) and still consume them myself.
But I missed my morning coffee, and since the weather is changing and the chill is in the air, I really want to wrap my morning fingers around a nice, warm, steaming, friendly cup of java. The solution? SWITCH TO DECAF!

Now, let it be known that I am a purist, and am very picky about my coffee. My favorite is a nice smooth cup of Costa Rican Peaberry, but Sumatra, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Ethiopian and Sulawesi are all highly agreeable. I prefer to purchase Free Trade when possible.

I want my coffee FRESH and HOT, and if adding cream or sweetener, it must be with organic 1/2 & 1/2 and either raw sugar, evaporated cane juice, or raw honey. So, I have been having a cup of decaf in the mornings for the last few weeks, but I am the second person up in the morning, and the coffee us usually made about an hour or more before I rise. There is always coffee "saved" in the pot for me when I get up, but it is AWFUL to the 'nth degree!!

When coffee sits in the pot after brewing, it stales and continues to cook. The coffee pot in our house is old, and brews into a regular glass pot instead of a nice thermal carafe. This means that the pot just sit on the burner cooking and turning the remaining coffee to burnt tasting sludge as long as coffee remains in the pot. On top of this, it really doesn't keep the temperature at hot and steaming, so by the time I get there, the coffee is burnt and barely over warm. 
The solution? MY NEW FRENCH PRESS COFFEE POT (pictured above). I am so excited! I used to have a French Press, but that was about four coffee makers ago, and it had gone to a yard sale after collecting dust in the cupboard for quite some time. I decided that a French Press again fits my lifestyle, especially through the winter, since I will not even have to use electricity in the cold months to boil the water. It will be already boiling on my wood stove when I awake in the morning. How is that for conserving energy??
GOODBYE BURNT SLUDGE...hello HAPPY cup of steaming choice decaf Arabica!
I wish you all happy and rewarding coffee consumption...

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