Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Most Enjoyable Treasure Hunt

Halfway through September already, and no posts! 

So I shall begin the month with the weekend just past, when there was the best annual event ever: The Whole Town Yard Sale!
I found many treasures and wanted to find more, but Mr. Nature accused me of being addicted to junking (who, me?) and said we HAD to go home at lunch time. It pained me to leave the many rocks unturned, but hunger pains prevailed.

Amilia has begun to learn the art of junking, and she loves to see the colors and textures of miscellaneous goods as much as I. Here, she was digging through a box of dolls and accessories.
She chose a horse, two baby buggies (Fisher Price Little People sized), and a doll cradle from this box. Her small animals and Playmobil people have had a grand time taking rides.

Next, she and Grandma gathered important goods from the box marked "Free." There were some doll clothes and tiny doll purses in there that were in perfectly good shape.

Who could turn down this cat tree for FIFTY CENTS?

I am certain that no cat has ever touched its claws to this nifty contraption. Mr. Nature was ever so happy to cart it around for me!

I purchased a pair of wool socks, only slightly pilled, for another fifty cents. I never pass up wool! I found ziplock snack baggies full of jewelry for ten cents a bag. There were eight beaded bracelets, a bangle, a copper adjustable bracelet, two decorative pins, a Stewart Little keychain, and a beaded anklet--all for forty cents! Oh, the possibilities...

Thanks to this sale, my dog, Kate, now has a comfy and thick bed in her dog house for the winter. $2.00. Of course, she could have had a new store-bought bed, but what would that do to keep this marvelous cushion out of the landfill?Thanks to this sale, I have new patterns for little pig stuffies. And books, books, books. And I got to revisit childhood with the little Fisher Price Little People car garage with the elevator lift that works by a hand crank. The Hot Wheels had a traffic jam at least a mile long that night.

It was a glorious day to walk all around the town and meet and greet and stand in line at the coffee shop and be happy it was Saturday.
I was reminded of when I was a child and many a Saturday morning was spent traveling around town with my grandmother on just such a treasure hunt. She would have appreciated this day and this scenery:

The trunk stuffed full after a very satisfying morning!

The family time spent on this day and days like today will be cherished long after we have recycled, upcycled, or yard saled (if I may take the liberty to make up the term) these goods, and I would much rather have this memory than that of a television show or video game.

Until the next adventure...

p.s. Oh, and knitting needles for twenty-five cents, and a whole stack of fat quarter fabrics (the size stack you pay $9.99 for at Joann's) for $1.25...


Mits said...


It seems that you guys had enjoyed your trip. I also want to go like that.


rick said...

You and my wife would get along great. She doesn't go out (yet) so much for yardsales, but she makes weekly (and sometimes more often) pilgrimages to certain thrift stores (she has a list, I guess) and is always bragging about her new work suits costing her only $2.50 or less!

Me? I can't even get toothpaste that cheap!