Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baby Come Back...

Have you seen the new Swiffer commercial, where the sad mop and broom are singing and sending flowers and popping out of the produce at the market? Well, we don't watch a lot of television, but Animal Planet was on today, and that commercial is very frequent at the moment.

So, Amilia has been feeling sorry for the poor mop and the poor broom all day. "Why doesn't she like the mop anymore; because he doesn't clean very good?" "Is she going to let him come back?" And then when I was vacuuming, we had to pretend that she was the old vacuum cleaner that I did not want anymore, and I had to wave her away and shake my head, all the while she was belting out, "Baby Come da do da do da do."

Cut to bedtime when she was brushing her teeth with her new toothbrush, but spied the old toothbrush still in the medicine cabinet. (I had not thrown it out yet because sometimes you just aren't sure how satisfactory the new brush will be.) She says "old toothbrush, I'm never going to use you again." Then she says, "Oh, wait!" and pulls the old one out to hold in her free hand. Through the brushing, she begins "BABY COME BACK..." and waving at the old toothbrush while the old toothbrush is waving back and forth in her hand and looking sad.

I am not sure how effective the Swiffer commercial will be at getting people to go out and buy Swiffers...seems to be more effective at making us feel sorry for the poor, used up wretch of a mop or broom we already have. How could we shove it out in the cold?

Truth be told, our house uses a Swiffer already...sorry string mop!

TIP: to make the Swiffer less wasteful with disposable waste for the landfill and less chemically harmful to your household members, use old sheets or flour sack cloths cut into appropriately sized strips to pop onto the Swiffer, and then they can be laundered between uses. These work wet and dry.

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Judy Evans said...

This is a great story, thanks for sharing. And like the mop - if you say "Baby Come Back" to me, I'll be back!