Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Frampton the Wonderful

Tonight I was going to talk about the evils of HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) and the secret about cane sugar refining that makes cane sugar a non-vegan (and non-vegetarian, in my opinion) food item, but I have been sidetracked by Frampton.FRAMPTON is the wonderful little mouse (yes, we decided his ears make him a mouse) I created this evening. I began making him last night. Originally, it was going to be a female rag doll with yarn hair, but I remembered these ears that have been waiting for a place since last Spring when Walter and Wiggle were born.

So, out came the ears, and Frampton the mouse resulted. He is made from upcycled angora sweater and flannel (ears), upcycled linen frock (body), and upcycled cotton shirt sleeve (cover-alls). I drew the design myself and cut out the parts last night. I had him about halfway complete when it was past my bedtime.
Tonight was a marvelous evening. We had an early dinner of vegetarian Mexican fare, then started a fire in the woodstove for warmth, and then I made some hot chocolate to sip at my sewing machine. I finished Frampton while Amilia and Mr. Nature danced and played together in the living room.
Their conversation went like this:
Mr. Nature (to me): "I think I am going to go on a fast."
Amilia: "What's a fast?"
Mr. Nature: "I am abstaining from eating for a few days."
Amilia: "Oh, I guess that will be okay. Hey, how 'bout you go on a fast from working, too? We could play, and go outside, and watch t.v., and have adventures...that would be great!"
Then, to get him to play with her more this evening, she said:

"Well, it's not nice for a man's head to always be in a book. Sometimes he needs to pull his head out of the book and play with his children. And I'm the child, and I don't have a sister, so you need to play with me."
Funny, because he is ALWAYS playing with her. He is about the best dad a kid could have. He makes the best voices for the animals, and he makes them do funny things. Just ask Frampton about his photo shoot!
Good night, Frampton! Welcome to the family.

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