Thursday, October 16, 2008

Plastic food & Poison water

This is the reason I have become puritanical about what I choose to eat and allow my family to eat. Were they trying to save time by just inserting the elements of my dinner plate INTO the food? Did they think it would go unnoticed? Can we possibly continue to mindlessly take items off the grocery store shelves and place them in our shopping trolley?

Another story is published about melamine in milk products. The products in this article were Jollycow Slender High Calcium Low Fat Milk, Greedfood Yili Fresh Milk (GREEDFOOD? REALLY? ARE THEY JOKING?), and Mengniu Drink. I have never heard of these, so they will not be on my pantry shelves. But SOMEBODY drinks these brands, and that somebody is in danger because of GREED.

Have you attempted to remove China from your lives? WAY easier said than done. In the last 13 months, we have attempted to eradicate "Made in China" from our household. This did not include ridding of ourselve of everything we already had with the label, but in placing an embargo on any further items entering the premises. It is an ongoing process.

And on to the WATER CRISIS.
The poison lurking in your plastic water bottle By Jo Knowsley via Daily Mail UK. A Potentially deadly toxin is being absorbed into bottled mineral water from their plastic containers. And the longer the water is stored, the levels of poison increase, research reveals. As the sell-by date on many bottled waters is up to two years, scientists have now called for extensive further studies. Read the story HERE.

More plastic in our: water now. Hmmm? The CHEMICALS used to create the water bottle leach out into the water? So we are guzzling poison by the gallon, and have been for YEARS now! Seems to me that the incidents of many types of cancer and unexplained fibromyalgia and a whole host of other diseases have increased dramatically over recent years. Do I believe the director of the bottled water association, who says that "The levels do not pose a risk to humans. They are simply trace elements." Of course she says this. Her entire career depends upon us continuing to guzzle liquefied plastic. An epidemiologist from Southampton University says "not enough was known about the effects of antimony and how much had to be consumed before it became dangerous." I vote for NONE. (Or at least no more than is naturally occurring in my environment.)

In addition to plastic in my water, I can look forward to "38 chemicals including bacteria, caffeine, the pain reliever acetaminophen, fertilizer, solvents, plastic-making chemicals and the redioactive element strontum." From the article here. It goes on to say that JOE DOSS, PRESIDENT of the International Bottled Water Association (ooh, that sounds like his job REALLY depends on the health of the bottled water industry, but not so much on the health of people) said, "the study is based on the faulty premise that a contaminant is a health concern "even if it does not exceed the established regulatory limit or no standard has been set."

So, let me get this straight, Joe (can I call you Joe? Thanks). What you are saying is that you like to ingest contaminants AS LONG AS A GOVERNMENT AGENCY OR REVIEW BOARD SAYS IT IS OKAY TO DO SO?? Did your mother never tell you the problem with following your friends in a leap from a tall bridge?

NO THANK YOU. My family says NO. We say no to fast food. We say no to poison. We say no to eating or drinking plastic. We say no to plastic bottles. We say no to microwaves. We say no to preservatives. We say no to your "established safe levels of [insert your choice here]." We say no to CORPORATE GREED. To preserve a modicum of politeness, we say "Thank you, but ABSOLUTELY NOT."

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NaturallySpun said...

Great post on bottled water. Assuming that big companies know what is best for us health-wise is always a huge mistake. Thanks for sharing :)