Friday, October 3, 2008

Robots and Pumpkin Cake

Last night, I was sewing eyes and nose on my latest creation, and Miss Amilia HAD to get her supplies out and make her own creation. There was no help from me in this endeavor. She is able to use the child-sized safety scissors by heself now, and all she needed from me was some glue stick. She cut and trimmed and cut and trimmed, then drew the parts and pasted it all together. I am not sure what happened to his leg--looks like some sort of industrial accident! And so was created Mr. Robot.
Earlier, I made a very yummy pumpkin cake for our evening dessert. I used organic indredients and opted to leave out the nuts. Luckily, nobody here is allergic to nuts, but Little Miss is somewhat a purist and prefers not to have crunchies in her food. I topped it with a raisin happy face instead of frosting. Amilia was very pleased, and could hardly wait for it to bake. She had never had pumpkin cake before, so I wasn't sure she would like it, but she declared it very good. Had her second piece for a late breakfast, in fact!
Meanwhile, the rain came down and we were greeted with the fresh scent of the earth renewed. Nature is at her best when she is donning the multi-colored coat of Autumn and washing the dust of Summer away with early wind and rain...

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