Saturday, October 4, 2008

Simple Blessings

Saturday is shopping day for our family. Saturday is the day we go into town, play at the park, do our grocery shopping, and eat out somewhere for lunch. Today, we were on a hunt for this cute little "Spring Fox" (as my daughter calls it) to go with the Arctic Fox she has already.

That said, let me also state that I am very conscious of safety issues in products that we use, and this type of toy is one of the few I will allow in my home. For the most part, we have taken the "Handmade Pledge" and purchase many of our toy and gift items from Etsy or make them ourselves. I have also recently taken a personal "creative reuse" pledge, so we pick up many items from thrift stores and yard sales.

SAFARI LTD is one of the items I will purchase new. I do this because their website (see here) assures me of the quality control exercised by the company. In all other instances, I attempt to avoid any products that come from China.

Amilia has had her eye on a set of these animals containing the above fox for some time. I promised that today I would purchase the coveted set once we got to the store (our Co-Op grocery store carries a few toys and handmade gift items). However, once we got there, THERE WERE NONE OF THESE TOYS LEFT!!! After the tears, we searched three different shops before we found Mr. Fox and his friends.

We ended up at Michael's Art/Craft Supply, and I was lamenting that I had just this morning taken my Michael's coupon good for 20% off out of my purse and left it at home. I did not think we would be going there, and it was about to expire. While we were wandering the aisles, I felt a tap on my shoulder. When I turned to see, a woman was standing there holding out a piece of paper to me. She asked, "Would you like this 40% off coupon? It expires today, and we are not going to use it." I took the coupon and thanked her. I then happily headed for the checkout stand, and the cashier swiped another coupon there that took $2.00 more off my entire purchase!

It was a very fruitful trip. I was willing to go a little out of my way to keep my promise to Amilia that we would find that fox today, and I was rewarded for my efforts with unexpected savings. I know it may seem silly to recognize this as a blessing, but I do believe that we receive many small blessings all the time, and we just must be willing to recognize them and remember to give thanks. Today I am thankful to have received the blessing of savings, and I am also thankful for the joy and contentment it brought to my beautiful child.

May your blessings abound...

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