Friday, October 31, 2008

Upstaged by Bigger Talent

Tonight's post was to be about what? Halloween festivities, of course! About how since none of us eat candy, we stayed in and made YUMMY peanut butter cookies. About how Amilia drew scary faces on her pumpkins instead of cutting them. So much less mess and fuss!

But then, she asked her dad to draw her a picture and tell her a story. So he did. And another:

So, really, how can measly (but YUMMY) peanut butter cookies compete? I LOVE the pictures and little stories Mr. Nature makes up for her all the time. They always make me laugh.

The cookies were fun also. And yummy. I ate three. Amilia ate three. Mr. Nature ate three.

I might eat three tomorrow.

On another note, where exactly is this mysterious crack through which big, HUGE, I mean pre-historic HUGE, spiders come when it is cold outside?
Here is how it goes:
me: "ooooh, Lovey, get it! A big spider!"

smack-tap-smack-tap...with his bare hands he devastates the spider with his might. Then, while it is paralyzed, he grabs the Kleenex and takes it to its doom. (Sometimes, if he can save it, he takes it outside and lets it go, even though I am yelling NO, KILL IT!)

me: "I killed a huge one just like that last night in that very same spot."

lovey: "me too."

me: "well, where is the big, scary spider nest...we must seek it out and destroy it."

lovey: (quoting what I have heard countless others say on many other occasions) "there is no 'nest.' they just wander in when it is cold outside."

So I say, "what, like, when we have the door open, they rush in with their droves of friends, all wearing invisibility cloaks?"

lovey says: "no, through cracks and stuff."

Again, I ask, where ARE these secret portals of which he speaks? And, I say,

SPIDERS, BEWARE! i have heavy shoes, and i know how to use them!!

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