Friday, October 24, 2008

The Vegetarian Family Cookbook

I love this book. There are 275 recipes, and I especially like the section about snacks and fruity treats. It also has a "better than store bought" heading that gives tips for creating some standards at home. By Nava Atlas. ISBN 0-7679-1396-5. Available on Amazon for $12.89 new, $6.50 used (though, why anybody would part with it is beyond me!). This is another of my finds in yesterdays garage search. I suppose, as Halloween nears, I am even more focused on healthy foods and alternatives to junk.

Here's the thing. I have never been a sweets hound, and in our house, we have had to throw out candy that was years old, or ice cream that got freezer burn. But for the last five years, we do not really even have much candy in the house. If we do have any, it is pure and organic and made from only the best of ingredients. (See my earlier post here about Dagoba)

Amilia has never even had a taste of candy. Ever. None. Tonight, there was an M&M commercial, and she thought they were jelly beans. Yay! She has had cookies (again, with only the best of ingredients...sometimes homemade) and she has had ice cream (ok, we have allowed Breyer's, but usually prefer homemade, or more recently have allowed Julie's Organic ice cream.) One of our favorites is SO SIMPLE: plain, unflavored yogurt, berries of your choice (we used blueberries or blackberries mostly), a tsp of honey or so, blend the mix in the Bella Cucina blender, pour into popsicle molds, and freeze! She loves these, and I know they only contain approved ingredients. We both win.
Tomorrow is a Halloween Parade, in which she will be wearing her very pretty and beloved Fairy costume. After the parade, there will be trick-or-treating of the local merchants. She is not interested in trick-or-treating, because, what would she do with the spoils? So, instead, she will be allowed to purchase a toy that she has been eyeing.

This happy little wild boar family will soon be greeting the rest of the animal kingdom in my living room, and the little barn and paddock fencing are already waiting. Playmobil is one of the very few toy choices we will support, outside of handmade. Why? because their product is manufactured in Germany, and whenever I have a question, a member of the company is always VERY QUICK with my answer.

Happy (early) Halloweening!

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