Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bits & Pieces

PHEW! Is it possible that I have been absent from Blogdom for six days? Seriously, in my mind, I only took two days off. Hey, I was tired.
Here is what I have been doing:
1. Comparing most AWESOME shoes with Amilia at the park over beautiful fallen Oak leaves...

2. Making YUMMY oatmeal raisin cookies. SHHHHH!
Don't tell Amilia...I used the Jessica Seinfeld trick and put 1/2 cup of pureed banana and 1/2 cup of pureed zucchini in these. You can't even tell (other than that there was a hint of banana flavor...if you wanted to further disguise, use less banana). You can find out what I am talking about here. My tip: use your own favorite cookie recipe.
AND DON'T USE MARGARINE!! use REAL butter from cows not treated with hormones or antibiotics. use the whole egg, not just the white...

3. Making cute little blanket and pillow sets for Christmas gifts. This one is sized for a 12" doll or stuffed animal. It is reversible, and the other side is the same baby blue cloud design as part of the center pillow. Amilia is very excited to give this gift to her cousin. We have folded, stacked, and tied it with a blue yarn ribbon.

4. Washing, ironing, and folding these pieces of fabric so they will be ready to turn into some more FABULOUS Christmas gifts.

Tomorrow...more sewing!

Tonight...more sleep!!!

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