Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Marathon of Benji and the Leaking Eyes

How is it that I was reduced to a puddle while watching SuperNanny? I don't even really watch or follow this show. Yesterday, it was on. I was in front of the t.v. I watched. Some of the eyes of the people on t.v. were leaking. I apparently have empathetic eyes, so my eyes were also leaking. Spontaneously. This is what I get for scoffing at my childhood friend who used to cry at Hallmark commercials!

But, seriously, this episode: the mom (newly divorced mother of 6), the nanny who died of cancer recently, the 6 unruly children, the almost 4-year-old still drinking out of infant bottles, the mom who can't eat dinner with her children because she is so busy filling their demands that she doesn't get to sit...

Cue Super Nanny. Sweeping changes and a nifty turnaround for all.

Cut to the WHOLE family eating dinner together and passing the "speaking" rock to take turns to tell about their day. The very SAME rock given to one of the children by the beloved former nanny. The rock that says "Strength." All happy. All tearing up and wiping their moist eyes. Priceless.

Today, I found a DVD set of four Benji movies. Remembering how I LOVED Benji when I was a child and knowing how Amilia is wild about dogs, I purchased the set. We watched the bad guy kick Tiffany in the first movie, Benji, and our chins quivered. We watched the VERY BAD VILLAIN run the puppy mill, and the boy at the end give up his dog while tears streamed down his face in Benji Off the Leash. He gave him up because he wanted the dog to become the new Benji and have a better life. We watched Benji saving his human little girl from the bad man holding her at gunpoint in For the Love of Benji. Priceless.

In Benji Off the leash, at the end, the eyes of the boy and his mom were leaking. And (really? oh, yes, REALLY) my eyes were leaking again as well... For the love of Benji!

BTW: I found that the husband of my favorite Blogger CJane was the VERY BAD VILLAIN in Benji Off the Leash! Very cool. Kudos to Chris Kendrick.

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coocoos7 said...

Hi Darling - of corse we had a 'BENJI' when Kristi was a little girl...after we spent our one-year sabatical in Aspen, husband #3 disapeared after first week of marriage so I ran away to Colorado to lick my wounds.