Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remaining Useful

Wouldn't everybody like to remain useful for as long as possible? So, I think, would little boxes, if only they could tell us so! Today I leave you with the image of my newest notebook. After the ouchies have all been cured, this sad little box would usually find itself tossed haphazardly into the nearest garbage (or, hopefully, recycling) receptacle. At our house, he gets new life. He gets to serve the needs of those who wish to:

or any other ol' thing for which one might use a pocket notebook. This one has 45 leafs (leaves? no...) for a total of 90 useable pages. Stab stitch binding. The little black line that you see across the top is actually the elastic closure band. It is affixed to the back cover so it will not become lost when the book is open, and can easily be placed back on when the book is closed.

36 sleeps, 23 hours, 48 minutes & 25 seconds until Christmas. Will you be ready? I am not certain I will ever be ready, but I am having a wonderful time in the preparation!

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