Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter Creeping In...

What happens to me in the winter? The same thing that happens to the man in my cave...I get sleepy. And hUnGrY !! So, sleeping in under the warm comfy cozy covers is one of my greatest desires. And eating all manner of food. Today, I fell off my veggie health wagon and ate meat-at a restaurant, no less. Where I cannot read the ingredients. I cannot know how the meat was raised. I cannot know from whence it came. But I REALLY want to eat meat sometimes in the Winter. (I know, it is not Winter yet, that is why this post is titled "creeping in.")

So, let me say, I am not a vegetarian for animal rights reasons, though I do believe in the humane treatment of animals. I was raised eating meat. I have been on a long trek toward vegetarianism, and at times have slipped a little back down the rabbit hole, as it were. I am vegetarian because I am genuinely concerned about the safety of meat (and many other foods) in our commercial food chain. People get sick. People even die from eating meat (and now spinach, jalapenos, unconfirmed link to tomatoes, sprouts, you get the picture).

So, our family made the choice to give up mad cow and bird flu and Mr. E. Coli. I also hope to keep my distance from Ms. Sally Monella and other foodborne nasties. But sometimes I am weak. The more years I refrain from eating meat, the more that I often find it kinda gross. But sometimes, the kid in me clamors for a cheese steak, a French Dip, a turkey melt, fish and chips, lamb stew, buffalo burger...

Tonight, the cheese steak won. Beautiful sauteed onions smothered in melty cheese atop thinly sliced beef on a nice fat hoagie roll. After, I REALLY wanted dessert. So, we stopped at the grocery store on the way home and picked up Breyer's vanilla, and brownie bites (brownie bites with almost objectionable ingredients, even, but I REALLY wanted a brownie!). I figured if I were already slipping down the slope, what more harm could a little brownie do? And you know what? THEY WERE YUMMY!

So, THE HUMANITY! We do the best we can every day to stave off foods and products that are not so good for us, but sometimes we throw caution to the wind and indulge a whim, or a craving, or a little teensy desire to eat good 'ol grub. (not the worm and bugs kind)

After my dessert, I redeemed myself a little by making this:
One of my signature notebooks made from upcycled packaging. This one was from a box of Sugar Plum Spice holiday tea. 40 sheets of blank paper make 80 useable pages. I like it so much, it is almost going to be difficult to send off to the intended Christmas recipient. I might have to buy another box of tea!

Happy veggie eating. Happy sliding into Winter. Happy being human to you all.

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