Tuesday, December 23, 2008

26ish hours and counting...

Merry Almost Christmas! We had the most wonderful roasted chestnuts in town the other day...and we saw Santa...and we went on a horse-drawn carriage ride...

The snow has eased up for a few days, and we were able to go into town and see Despereaux the wonderfully different mouse and enjoy the seasonal festivities.

I feel for those of you still worrying about last minute gifts and wrap and crowds and road rage and all that unpleasantness that clouds the meaning of the Christmas Holiday. I am SO happy that I finished the shopping early, did most of the shopping online so the items just came to me, made sure that many of the items on my list were handmade, and kept the total number of gifts in the modest range. There is no need to go crazy over the tangible items, folks. There are opportunities for shopping and giving on 364 other days of the year, after all!

The items that I did purchase in town were specific list items that could only be gotten two ways: online (where I have to pay shipping) or in the very small and REALLY AWESOME corner toy store (where I pay a few dollars more for the items, but only so much that it makes a wash of the would-be shipping costs). I chose the quaint brick corner toy store. The gifts did not then come to my door, but I got to support LOCAL economy, and the gift wrapping was done for me---free!

Last night, my most-wonderful-in-all-the-world-husband made from scratch a marvelous and scrumptious Monday meal. Potato soup. The soup that is my favorite and that my mom ALWAYS made for me anytime I was sick and that she can't make for me anymore because she lives in another state and it (probably) does not ship very well. His soup rivaled mom's soup, let me tell you! (And it was just because...I am not sick.) So easy, too. Just takes a little time and love. And potatoes, leeks, scallions, yellow onions, vegetable broth, milk or cream, salt, pepper, and parsley. Boil, chop, simmer, smash a bit, season, and EAT!

...and BLACKBERRY COBBLER for dessert. I got to put on the lattice top from the strips of hand-rolled dough. Remember the blackberries we picked in August? The ones I said would be really wonderful in the deep cold of winter to remind us of the sun kissed days of Summer? Yep, those. They made meltinyourmouth cobbler that would throw anybody back to the days of youth in remembrance of Grandmother's cooking. The few extra dough strips were baked by themselves into cinammon sugar bread sticks-yummmmm.

So, all is right with the world. The one small snag in my Martha Stewart Perfect Snowy Holiday Season is that, due to all the snow, I have yet to mail some of my packages to family and friends who live far away, so they will (obviously) not arrive there in time for Christmas. No worries...they will just be little after arrivals, and won't have to share the spotlight with any other gift on THE DAY.

Tomorrow is the happy togetherness day of a cozy fire and It's a Wonderful Life and COOKIE BAKING!

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