Monday, December 15, 2008

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Another favorite of mine = SUPER FOODS by Steven Pratt, M.D. and Kathy Matthews.
The introduction begins, "Each time you sit down to a meal, you're making a life-and-death decision."


"One way leads to a handicapped space in front of the mega-drugstore...There's another choice. You pull up to the farmer's market. You're 68 and you've just finished a tennis game with some pals or an hour of satisfying work in your garden."

"It's a simple choice, really: the right foods or prescription drugs."

The book is about health and the most nutrient packed, antioxidant rich foods that we can put in our bodies. It does advocate the eating of wild salmon and other animal products/protein. I do, on occasion, enjoy wild salmon. So, maybe, I cannot call myself a VEGETARIAN, per se but instead, a HEALTHARIAN (i just made that you like it?).

I don't eat meat in restaurants. I usually don't eat meat at home, either. But, I reserve the right to occasionally choose to eat meat, and when I do, it is only CLEAN MEAT. Wild or organically and naturally raised, no hormones or antibiotics, hand-eviscerated.

The SUPER FOODS book states that an estimated 300,000-800,000 preventable deaths per year are nutrition related. Look up the statistic for how many Americans weigh in excess of 500 pounds. Read Fast Food Nation. There is a bathroom scale that will weigh a 500 pound person. There is an office chair that will hold a 500 pound person. I am not passing any judgment; I am only giving information. Weight is not the only issue. The book states other health hazards that are food related, such as Atherosclerosis, Cancer, Diabetes and a host of other chronic and debilitating ailments.

SUPER FOODS includes a Lifestyle Pyramid (similar to the food pyramid) that details recommended dietary intake and suggestions for regular exercise. It includes YUMMY menus designed by Chef Michel Stroot of the Golden Door restaurant in Escondido, California. It gives tips on how to shop and what to look for when reading labels. The author gives brand names, and I really like this, except that [he, or she] relies heavily on Trader Joe's label. Sadly, we do not all have a Trader Joe's. That store used to be our main grocery store, but now there is not a Trader Joe's within 350 miles of my home. No problem, I can find other brands of (insert name, such as organic fruit spread, pomegranate juice, etc...) for which I am shopping.

The end of the book includes a shopping list and extensive bibiography. Go ahead--read about the FOURTEEN FOODS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. ISBN: 0-06-053568-7.

Wishing you and yours a happy, HEALTHY, Holiday Season.

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