Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Troublesome Moments

I thought I would pipe in a little earlier than MIDNIGHT this time so that perhaps, my entry will be more animated. I notice that my review of Super Foods was a little dry. Also, I don't think I will be up at midnight tonight since I did not sleep at all well last night, and today has been a very trying day.

2:44am: I was being lifted out of my fog of sleep by my bladder requesting a pit stop. (Sorry, it is a more and more frequent fact of life in every middle of the night when one is climbing ever so much closer to *ahem* middle age) What? You never have that problem? Then you are too young to be reading this entry!

3:00am: I was trying to ignore said bladder, but was only drifting in the mid-state of sleeplessness that robs me of a refreshed morning when I heard a loud BANG! It might not have really been a bang- could have been a thud, or a plunk or a splat or a heavy pang. To me, it sounded like a large something hitting my window. I crept out to investigate, and found only moonlight on snow, glistening in the 15 degrees of barely morning. We have made the official report: IT WAS A CHUNK OF ICE FALLING OFF THE ROOF AND HITTING THE DECK OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW. (or...)

3:30 am to 7:30 am: attempting to go back to sleep, then getting to sleep, then dreaming strange dreams of a man stalking us outside our home. He was peeping in the windows thru (brevity again) the blinds at us, and when we tapped the glass to get his attention, he would crouch. His camouflaged vehicle was in our driveway. Waking up to pull the covers on more tightly--BRRR! Fitful sleep until the alarm sounded the face-the-day call.

8:00 am: After waking up groggy with a headache: Logged in to work, coffee in hand, a chuckling fire snapping in the very warm hearth. Nothing more to report, work, work.

About 11:am, a pipe/faucet attached to the house at the laundry room broke/burst and water began gushing onto our back deck. GREAT! If it is an internally burst pipe...I had visions of my gutted laundry room, holes in sheet-rock to bare studs while a plumber attempted to locate the source of the glut. Mr. Nature shut off the water at the main.

The rest of the day was shaped by and around this almost disaster. We ventured out at my lunch hour for the first time since last Thursday to bring someone back to look at our problem. *Fingers were crossed that we would not have to call an actual plumber and spend thousands of dollars*

"Venturing out" entailed putting cable chains on the vehicle to be able to drive out to the main road (just over 1/2 mile) where we had to stop and take the cables off. Drive main road and avoid black ice---pick up our handyman---drive back to our little road---put cables back on car---drive to house. I was 10 minutes late getting back from lunch.

Longer story shorter, I had to log out of work for the day at 3:30 so we could get the supplies we needed and take handyman home before supply store closed and darkness froze the ice on the roads further and made them MORE EXTREMELY dangerous. Got supplies. Dropped off handyman. Came back to our road, and stopped to put on the cables. There, we saw a sad person in a sad truck who had attempted to drive our little road sans cables or chains, and he was slip-sliding back onto the main road slowly, slowly...

The tires spinning ferociously, but alas, inocuously on the ice made a desparate sound. We had contemplated just such an attempt. I was very thankful at that moment that we had chosen to cable-up! We passed sad truck and sad occupant and made our way back to home-warm-home. What could we do? I drive a small passenger car, and there was not a winch in sight.

The happy end to this long (I know, and boring) tale is that the pipe was NOT BURST FAR INTO MY HOUSE. We replaced the faucet and capped the pipe and turned the water back on and all is well. My laundry is happy. Though I did have to log back on and finish my final 90 minutes of work for the day, it was okay. I had one of the yummiest sandwiches ever for dinner. Melted cheddar on whole wheat nut bread (from a local bakery) with sauteed red onion, lettuce, tomato, and Mr. Nature's delectable special SECRET-TOP SECRET sauce.

I will soon be back into my old practice of reading, memorizing, and reciting poetry, as I ordered some of my favorite poetry books last night (I let some go in the move). But this night, I am going to shamelessly watch television.

I am not the only one who had a trying day...visit Brooke White and her recent loss of a beloved foster piano:

Wishing you all a deep and restful slumber...

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