Monday, December 1, 2008

Where the sun begins

I have learned in recent days that I really do live in the pocket of sky where the sun begins. I drive up to the towns North of me, and there is fog. I drive down the hill to those South and East, and there is fog. I can see it looming like Tax Day as I come down the mountain.

Those people in town do not even know that it is a gloriously beautiful and sunny day just 8 miles away. For them, the entire day is gloomy, cold, misty, and dreary. I run my errands, and I return to the warmth of the sun on my hill.

This morning, there was frost on the fallen leaves, and a small bit of low cloud on the ridge across the way. Midday was a beautiful, sunny, and crisp 46 degrees. Down in town, they never saw the sun today, and some flights were even grounded.


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