Thursday, January 15, 2009

A BlogLift

Yay! I have followed a tutorial on blogger to add a third column to my blog. What do you think? My preference would be to have a wider center column and slightly smaller sides...perhaps without borders. But my eyes are crossing from sitting in front of the computer all day to work, and then poring through all that HTML to update my layout. PHEW!

So, I was reading a fun blog earlier that posted a Summer photo and a Winter photo of the same space. I thought, I think I have a couple that might be similar from different seasons, so:

A view from the front of the house in Summer:

And a similar view from a little closer against the house, and skewed a little further left, in Winter:

Isn't it amazing how the seasons alter our environment? I love aspects of each season in turn, and am thoroughly excited for Spring to arrive and bring the sprouting of my tulips that hide in the soil of those half wine barrels there in the foreground.

Happy Blog Surfing to you!

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