Monday, January 19, 2009

Bumps and Bruises

It has been a rough couple of days! How many have ever heard of chilblain(s)? No, I hadn't either...until three of my toes came down with this odd affliction late last week. If you don't know what that is, you can find it on Wikipedia. Now, let me say, my case was not even close to as bad as the one in the photo on Wikipedia, but was slightly red all the same.

Chilblains are somewhat akin to frostbite, but occur when you have not been frozen. In my case, thanks to working at home, sitting very near a cold sliding glass window, and remaining sedentary at my desk during working hours every day, I have had some poor circulation to my feet as of late. Add to this that I have not been engaging in routine vigorous exercise, and you get CHILBLAINS! OUCH!

So, I decided I needed to go back to my fun exercise trampoline workouts (okay, I never really had workouts before, but one can embellish in one's own mind), but I no longer had an exercise trampoline (I did really have one last, but it didn't fit in the moving van). I painfully donned my warmest shoes, piled the family in the car, and drove to town on Friday evening to pick up one of those trampolinies. Remember when you were a child and your mom had one, or your friend's mom had one, and you just jumped on it for fun, and thought it could not POSSIBLY be adding any actual health value to the user? Me too. But it turns out that trampolining (I just made that verb up) is one of the absolute best exercises you can do for your body.

At the store, the exercise trampolines were in a box on a shelf below some assembled elliptical machines. I wondered how the structural integrity could possibly be preserved when the thing comes in pieces that could come apart with jumping, but okay. I looked at two different brands and sizes, and upon choosing one, returned the other to its spot UNDER the elliptical machine. As I rose up to standing once again, my head connected REALLY HARD with the handle of the ellptical machine that was sticking out in the aisle. I had not noticed it in the aisle before I bent down. Loud head banging on steel noise - - OUCH!

I suffered an instant goose egg on the top of my head that brought tears to my eyes, and limped off, rubbing my head, to tell a store employee that they might want to fix the problem before they brained somebody else with their ohsohandilymerchandised contraption of death. Mr. Nature dutifully looked concerned and carried my trampoline to the checkout counter.

I am not looking to win a million dollars in a frivolous lawsuit, so I bought the thing and left the store without filling out an accident report. Headache in hand, I drove home with visions of trampolining dancing in my head. HOWEVER, let me say if you are considering such a purchase, DO NOT BUY THE 36" or 38" MINI TRAMPOLINE IN A BOX. The instructions state it takes THREE adults IN GOOD CONDITION with appropriate work shoes on to assemble this baby. I think you need some sort of robot crane and superhuman Incredible Hulk strength to assemble this baby!

Back in the box it went. Ice pack on head, triple wrapped feet elevated, Ibuprofen on board, I sulked for the remainder of the evening. Saturday, we returned the impossible pieceofjunk trampoline to the store of death, and went to BIG 5. They had the 40" mini trampoline, ON SALE for $20.00 off, and it is a solid frame jobber that requires no assembly other than attaching the legs.

Since my head was feeling better, I was ready to bounce myself to health as soon as we got it home. Two days later, many minutes of bouncing have occurred, and my feet are back to normal. My head is healing nicely as well.

I shall no longer take my circulatory system for granted!

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KayzKreationz said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your chilblains and your head bumping. Sounds like something I would do (the head bumping). I hope you get to feeling better. Another good way to get some exercise and circulation going is some walking videos. I love the ones I have by Leslie Sansome (Walk away the pounds) I can do them insides, rain, sleet, cold, hot, etc. Which is good for this klutz, nothing to trip over (except my own coffee table) :) Glad you're better.