Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crescent Roll Moon

"Look, mommy! Tonight there is a crescent roll moon in the sky!"
Amilia is IN LOVE with croissants [kwaso]. Flaky, buttery, light, peelable, what's not to like?

However, we keep having a conversation about their French origin and pronunciation in contrast to Mr. Pillsbury Doughboy and his crescent rolls. Not as buttery, not flaky, only mildly peelable, and quite frankly, filled with a bunch of undesirable ingredients. I cannot relate to you WHAT those ingredients are because there are NO Pillsbury products located in my home, and is strangely mum on the subject.

Suffice it to say that a true croissant includes simple, fresh ingredients such as yeast, UNBLEACHED flour, brown sugar (organic), salt (unprocessed sea salt), milk (organic whole milk), unsalted butter (organic), and egg (local farm fresh). When you choose to make an item at home yourself, you can erase undesirable ingredients and preservatives from your life, your diet, and your home.

I have, and do, purchase quality croissants from trusted bakeries, but only if they adhere to the same ingredient quality and quantity I would use at home in my own kitchen. I ALWAYS READ EVERY INGREDIENT ON EVERY ITEM I PURCHASE, and we all should make this a habit!

"Well, I don't care where they come from or how you say that kwassan word, I am going to call them crescent rolls!"
So, we agree that she can CALL them crescent rolls if she likes, and she can continue to think Mr. Pillsbury Doughboy is cute if she likes, as long as she understands that we do not eat those items pre-packed from that company, and there is a difference between a crescent roll and a croissant of quality. (Sorry Mr. Croissant Ofquality to even place you in the same sentence with Mr. Doughboy!)
And, in the end, we agreed that there is a crescent roll moon illuminating the sky of this night.

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