Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dear Economy,

Please get on your trampoline and work it out! You have been very lazy and gluttonous of late, and you have become flabby and saggy as a result. You have been whoopin' it up at the expense of others, and it is time you pull your own weight.

Because of you, I am posting to my blog in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday, as I have no job. Because of you, thousands more are losing their jobs daily. Because of you, beautiful little (and big) houses are sitting empty because their owners could no longer pay for them and there will be no new owners in the near future because nobody else has the money either. Because of you, businesses and individuals are filing bankruptcy and being scammed by debt relief agencies.

Because of you, children are going without clothing, food, shoes, or toys. As a direct result of your indulgence in recent years, your Economy friends like Iceland are crumbling as well. Because of you, commercial buildings on Main Street USA are empty, for sale, and for lease.

I have done my part. I have reduced, reused, and recycled. I have upcycled packaging and clothing and accessories. I have learned to knit. I have grown my own vegetables and fruits. I have put up frozen foods and dried foods for a "rainy day." I have sewn toys for my child and others. I have mended hats and gloves and socks. I have diligently worked for my employer every day, and hadn't even used one sick day in six months.

And yet, even I have fallen casualty to your greed. Many of us who have loyally toiled and turned aside from needless excess are still being ground under your enormous weight. Get yourself up. Stop leaning on the little people. Work your muscles and become strong again before more have to suffer. Our children deserve better.



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Nancy said...

Wow! This is great Sinclair. I think you have a gift, writing that is. Maybe you could get a job writing...Your blahg and hoarding buddy, Nancy