Friday, January 2, 2009

Downsizing in the New Year

Well, Happy New Year, and then, here's your pink slip. I am not an educator, and it was not really pink, but it was a slip, and it did say 'thanks for your service, but move along' or something like that. (Do only teachers get pink slips? Are they really pink?)

So, day 2 of 2009, and I join the ranks of the thousands (hundreds of thousands? millions?) of unemployed who are seeking to be employed. It has been a fun ride, and I have been thankful every day that I have been able to keep the job I had before I moved and do it from home. I have worked hard and diligently, and never took for granted that I was unseen by my employer. I have a strong work ethic, and a strong sense of integrity, so I worked all the hours I was supposed to work, and kept myself focused.

In the end, that was not enough. The economy, the economy, THE ECONOMY, THE HUMANITY! Give me the paddle cuz I'm in the boat. Rowing, rowing...

Good news: the boss is going to put in some calls and will write a letter of recommendation-yay!

I hope it strongly recommends an upturn in the economy so somebody will knock others down to get to me and my stellar skills.

That, and I kept myself busy this evening by keeping up with my Hoarders Unite Etsy Team January challenge to use my supplies to CREATE something already. I also made one item last night. They look like this:

Wish me luck and send the JOB FAIRY!

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