Sunday, January 11, 2009

Freedom to Choose

Freedom to Choose the safe products we wish to purchase for our children.
With any luck, the CPSIA will be amended before February 10 when some of these sellers are planning to go out of business. If not amended, and these in fact do go out of business, our freedom to choose will have been curtailed by our government. Yeah, yeah, in the name of safety. But these items ARE safe. That is why I choose them!
If you would like to purchase or look more closely at any of these items, they are on Etsy. For the next two days, they can be reached by following this link. Visit and support these wonderful shops.
Now, how about how I have finally begun doing some needle felting? Tonight I gave my dog a bath, and there was so much hair! I took some and felted a little black ball that I actually plan to use in an upcoming project. Never heard of dog hair felting or knitting? I am not the first, trust me. Look here. And here at the little bear of wool and Golden Retriever. Or, maybe you want a dog hair handbag?
Well, you never know when you might need a gift for that someone who has it all!
Happy felting!

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