Sunday, January 4, 2009


Since the twelfth day of Christmas is tomorrow, and our tree is not only dead, but becoming a fire hazard, we dethroned it from our living room and packed all Christmas items safely away until next year. I really wanted to be more ecologically friendly about it by having a living tree again this year, but I also want to support the livelihood of those who grow trees specifically for Christmas trees. So our tree was a small, 4 foot Noble fir this year. Goodbye tree, goodbye Christmas, goodbye holly jolly holidays.

I took a break from job hunting today (mostly) and only sent out one resumé. Stayed up awfully late last night, so we slept in until 11:00 A.M.! Kind of makes one feel like a teenager again...

And I made some more items for my January Challenge on Etsy. I have photos of one of them:
These are fun mini notebooks/sketchbooks, and I like to carry one in my wallet or purse to jot down thoughts, lists, or to remind me of whatever it is I need to remember. The newest set is from an upcycled greeting card, and these are perfect for upcoming Valentine's Day.

Happy Sleeping.

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