Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Treasury Giddy

Colors of January
Etsy Treasury
For those of you who do not spend time buying or selling on Etsy, you may not know what a big deal it is to actually get to create a Treasury that makes it past being simply a Poster Sketch. Tonight, I got to post my VERY FIRST EVER Treasury. This is a compilation of items I found to be very visually appealing, and that had something to do with January.
When I decided to do Colors of January, and did a search for January on Etsy, I really expected to find whites, greys, light blues, and other cold winter colors. However, January is the month of the Garnet, so I found much more color than I anticipated. I find the result to be very pleasant indeed.
The four on the right that are somewhat more dim are the alternates, and don't show to the public in the main Treasury on Etsy. Here is the information about the sellers featured:
  1. Top left corner sweet little bird print is by Ola design, and can be found in her wonderful shop.
  2. Next to the left is Kathmandu Scarf of handspun yarn by lazycat and can be found in this shop.
  3. Then, a sprightly Lavender Eye Pillow by bananasaurousrex that can be found in this shop.
  4. Next row down, beginning left is an absolutely marvelous Red Dragon-January Dragon bookmark by Seasonsway that can be found in this shop.
  5. Next is the gorgeous January-Garnet Clay Covered Egg 1 by prettystringy and can be found here...
  6. Move another row down to Charming Botanicals January Carnations Table Runner Pattern by reezehanson of Morning Glory Quilt Designs.
  7. Next to that is Belle Rose, a stunning scarf that will be available again beginning January 10; it is by harlequinfeltworks and can be found in this shop.
  8. Third in row three is a Garnet and Gold Gemstone Tree-January created by byapryl and can be found here.
  9. Row four begins with January's Fresh Start. This is a whimsical and spirit-lifting print from an ongoing series by sarahjanestudios and can be found here.
  10. Second in the row is a striking pair of earrings called Passion-Red Garnet by laughingdogstudio that can be found in this Etsy shop.
  11. Last of the main twelve is a cute little ACEO by missavocado. This particular piece sold today (after my treasury posted?), but she has some other great works for you to purchase in her shop.

The Alternates in Column 4:

  1. At the top: A wonderful set of hair sticks entitled January by TheFarGrove.
  2. Next down: A bold and colorful "Groovy Waterbearer Wristlet" called Aquarious by WolfBait.

(The alternates are only alternates because I only had 12 active slots to fill...I loved all 16 items, and the way they fit together on my Poster Sketch)

PHEW! Making the sketch, waiting to pounce to even be able to post the Treasury, then blogging, placing ALL these links, and notifying every seller that they have been featured is exhausting. But it has been a fun evening, and I am pleased with the result.
Happy Browsing!

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