Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bye Bye Plastic Sandwich Bags!

This sweet little sack is the size of a standard ziploc sandwich bag, with an added inch at the top for the velcro closure. Carry snacks, or even small toys like Mr. Duck, who was very loathe to leave his cozy enclosure! I have been saying for some time that I was going to do away with all plastic that touches food, but I had not yet found a portable solution for take away snacking.

Here it is! Created from 100% cotton Waverly fabric. Now, to make about 11 or 12 more (do I want a dozen, or a baker's dozen?). That should give a sufficient number that we always have some in the drawer to use, even when some are in the wash. For messy items like PB&J, you can wrap the sandwich in wax paper or baker's parchment, or even butcher paper, then place it in the secure cloth sandwich sack.

Alas, I cannot use the word Safe Sack, because it is taken by this other company.
And I cannot take credit for being the first one to think of the idea,
since I was inspired by this Etsy seller.
Do your snacks and sandwiches travel in style?


ga.farmwoman said...

That is a great idea!
I have lots of scrap material that would be just right for the sandwich bags.
Have a good day.

Tina said...

This is a REALLY cool idea! I have wondered about how to get away from plastic style storage bags. Now I know there are options. Thanks!

Splendid Little Stars said...

very cool! love the fabric!