Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cozy Up

Do yourself a favor. Sip a cup of Sleepytime tea and cuddle your loved ones close. (To my knowledge, sleepytime tea is not organic, so you could substitute your favorite brand of chamomile if you choose---I hope they soon make organic Sleepytime!) Tonight, I don't have Sleepytime tea in the house, so I am actually drinking Organic Nighty Night tea (for kids) by Traditional Medicinals.

Sleepytime tea is on the list for me of Things That I Remember.
My memories are sweet.

Start now and make your own sweet memories.

1 comment:

Ragtree said...

I love this variety! Right now, I am absolutely addicted to Celestial's Gingerbread tea (chicory and barley)... I have cut my coffee consumption down by half :)