Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear drivers who share the road with me,

Those lines on either side of your vehicle are not mere suggestions.

They are meant to remain on either side of your vehicle.

They are not placed solely for your weaving practice and there will not be an award for showmanship in driving trials.

They are strategically measured to offer enough room for you to remain on one side of the road while another car moves in the opposite direction between the lines on the other side.

I do not like to see you barreling down on me ON MY SIDE OF THE ROAD with your contraption of death.

There is a reason you are not to pass on blind curves when there is a double yellow line between us.

I do not like to have to wonder if you are going to push me off the road with your wide turn on the curvy two-lane rural highway.

Making it there 1.5 minutes later, but with all your limbs intact, is better than not making it at all.

I have children in my vehicle.

Sometimes a dog.

I am sometimes in a hurry as well.

I want to get there with all my limbs intact, even if I am late.

Your insurance carrier will not be happy if you join the ranks of Friday night flip-overs on the road into town.

Please remember me when you are pulling into traffic.



Happy Safe Driving.

1 comment:

RKayne said...

If only they would do so! Great post, glad you are OK!