Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dryer and Drawer Sachets

Tonight's creation is a trio of lavender sachet bags
that will pull their weight around here
by working in my dryer, my
closet, and my
The larger are filled with 1/2 cup and
the small is filled with 1/4 cup of
freshly dried lavender from
last summer's
I used fun stitches on my sewing
machine to give them some
extra panache
I am not selling my creations
at this time, but there are
marvelous sellers on
Etsy and Artfire
who sell these
fine items
I highly recommend them
as an alternative to
laundry chemicals
and moth balls
Wishing you lavender scented

1 comment:

Wind said...

Those are soo beautiful yet so simple! Thanks for sharing...