Sunday, February 22, 2009

Freshly stomped hummus, anyone?

I have crossed center and moved out to fringe, apparently. Funny that eliminating hazardous "modern conveniences" from my life places me in the rough, so to speak. I am simply choosing to travel backward in time a little to a simpler time when there were less assaults on our collective bodies of cells.

In this vein, my mom told me how she and my brother were funnin' at my expense the other night. I have mentioned that I am eliminating plastics from my kitchen so that I no longer have any in contact with my foods. I mentioned in passing that I wished my single serving blender were made of glass so I didn't have to make a choice to stop using it.

So, the other night, mom was invited to dinner at my brother's, and took some fresh hummus because my youngest niece wanted some. They all live 10 hours away from me, so I was not present for the shindig. My brother is more a meat and potatoes, barbecue 'n beer type than am I. (Mom is more in line with my food choices.) He has always accused us of eating "weird stuff." His remark to mom was "oh, great, that's that stuff my sister likes to eat - thanks."

Mom says, "Well, if your sister had made it, she would have been stomping these garbanzos with her bare feet to avoid the plastic blender." To which he mumbled something like "yeah, crazy naturalist..."
So, my post today is for my family whom I miss...
Thanks for the marvelous idea!
I do hope you like the little sketch of me stomping chickpeas.
If you're lucky, I will send some your way with a nice wine pairing.
Bon App├ętit!

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