Saturday, February 7, 2009

Garden Treasury to come...

Well, since it is Saturday night, I am taking an almost break ---to watch a movie and sip my glass of organic, sulfite-free Cabernet. I leave you with a sampling of seed yet to be sown in my seed flats:

Note that these are organic HEIRLOOM seeds produced in Colorado. And, they won't break the bank!
You can find out more by visiting Botanical Interests
on the web. (sadly, only taking U.S. orders at this time)

If you are not certain of the significance of organic and HEIRLOOM, see my earlier blog post.

If you have never tried butter lettuce, I highly recommend picking some up at your local CSA, farmers market or co-operative [or, if you have NONE of the above, your neighborhood grocery].

This lettuce has a soft quality that other lettuces do not have, and it mixes well with other spring mix lettuces and greens.

Again, note organic and HEIRLOOM.

Last for tonight, and in my opinion, least, is Arugula. (My husband's favorite, however.)
Also organic and HEIRLOOM.
This is described on the back of the packet as "hot with a hint of nut flavor, tart, and spicy." I personally think they need to throw in bitter.
That said, bitter is an important part of our diet that we [at least in the American diet] tend to avoid. Bitter often supplies important vitamins and nutrients that you will not get elsewhere (B17 for example). Now, I have not determined whether Arugula contains B17, but it is on the list of foods that will help move your body toward an alkaline state. It is also listed as a food that my help prevent certain cancers.
I suppose that is worth tossing it into my salad!
I leave you with dreams of spring and summer days,
vibrant greens and cool melons,
warm breezes and icy refreshing beverages...

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