Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Knitting in the round

I have finally done it! I have used my Vogue Knitting book, picked up my Brittany DPNs (double-pointed needles) and cast on, wading slowly into knitting in the round. I made a sample swatch first in green acrylic, using a triangle of three needles, with the fourth to work the yarn. I did this with yarn that is not my "good yarn" first, just to make sure I could get the technique correct.
Since that gauging project came out alright, I ventured in further, and cast on this Rowan Cocoon yarn, in [color] Alpine, with a set of five needles. I used bamboo needles for this project, as I find them much less slippery, and much more environmentally friendly than aluminum or plastic needles. I do also have aluminum needles, as they are usually what I find to rescue at thrift stores.

I used a long-tail cast on of 28 stitches, using size 11 needles. I used only knit stitch for this project in an effort to keep it simple. I ended up with my intended finished project, a coffee cozy. I did not have the proper lighting to add a photograph of the finished project yet, but I will add it here later. It is also the right size to use as a wrist warmer, if I chose that purpose.

Here is an earlier wrist warmer that I made with button closure:

Finally, after 1.5 years of knitting, I have overcome my fear of knitting in the round!

I can now continue my journey to knit

socks, sweaters, seamless hats, more coffee cozies, and more!



agoodwitchtoo said...

Wow! That is super! I'm still mastering casting on at this point and the knit stitch. I'll be coming to you when I've made the jump to knitting in the round ;)

Mommy Bee said...

I thought knitting in the round looked so confusing, but now I very much prefer it! No seams!!!
I don't like DPNs though...I have learned to do a magic loop which is using a long circular needle (30+") to work small things like sleeves or socks...or coffee cozies. :) Google 'magic loop' to see how--it's really not hard, and I find that it's much faster for me cuz I never have to switch needles, also I don't get the looser stitches where the needle transitions were. :)

Sinclair said...

@ Mommy Bee: Thanks for the info. I have some circular needles, but have yet to try them. The joining of the sides seemed impossible, but I plan to give it another try now, and YouTube is always helpful with knitting videos!