Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Meet Mr. Circle, Mr. Rectangle, and Mr. Triangle. Mr. Square had another engagement, so is not featured here today. Originally, I had planned to create learning sets to sell on Etsy, but the CPSIA law put an end to several of my product aspirations. These were my prototypes, and became fast faves here at Deer Palace.

Mr. Circle and Mr. Triangle were first, and are made of polyester felt with button eyes. I really don't like using polyester felt, but since it was already in the craft supply, of course it is better to use than waste. Mr. Rectangle is our favorite, and sometimes even sleeps with us! He is cut from a felted, shrunk, thrift store find, 100% wool sweater. He is stuffed with scraps of wool. He has embroidered features so he would be much more teeny tot friendly. He is soft and cuddly and loves to ride in my purse when we go on outings. At any given time, I have several toys hitching a ride in my purse!

Since I am no longer planning to market these little cuties, I thought I could at least share the idea with others. I would be happy to create them to trade, if ever there were a request. But if you are a sewer, upcycler, or handcrafter of things, you might want to make a set for the child in your life. They have been great to teach shapes in a very fun and memorable way. If you had a friend named Mr. Rectangle who happened to BE a rectangle, you would much more readily remember that he IS a rectangle, after all.

I love the items that are educational
without screaming out
In the end, it's all about the textures in life...


chameleonsdream said...

Don't give up on your toy idea yet - it looks like there may be some significant changes to the way that the CPSIA is written and/or interpreted, thanks to heavy lobbying by the handmade toy associations and other crafter groups.

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wildcatsthree said...

how grandma used to make cute things like this.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Your geometric toys are very fun. Go ahead and sell them. CPSIA is not in effect at this point.