Monday, February 16, 2009


What snacks do many people keep in their households? Growing up, I had many snacks at my disposal that were not necessarily healthy. Filling, yes. Good tasting, usually. Healthy? Sometimes yes, and sometimes NO. I grew up in a house of 5 children and 2 adults, so choices were often made to fill us up within budget. In addition, much of the information available today about the ill-health effects of certain foods was not readily available when I was a child.

These days, we try to ensure that we are eating the most healthful foods in our every day lives, and have been on a journey toward that goal for the better part of 10 years. It is a long process to complete the metamorphosis. We are always researching, and adjusting as new information is available to us. Some snacks we have available in our house are:

To avoid typing the word ORGANIC in every sentence, note that we purchase all items organic:
☻ raw fruits: right now we have citrus, apples, and bananas (bananas and citrus are not local, but we make exception for citrus since we are native to California, and for bananas since they are nutritious anyway)

☻ raw vegetables: right now we have broccoli, cauliflower, and celery. these are good when cut into julienne pieces and eaten alone, or dipped in hummus or yogurt or plain sour cream.
•Amilia does not eat raw carrots, as she has an allergy to these. I mention it because I never knew people had CARROT allergies! She gets an itchy mouth/tongue and painful hives on her legs. Cooked carrots are fine...I have read that allergies to raw veggies are typically due to the proteins in the raw vegetable that are diffused in the cooking process...


☻nuts, such as almonds and cashews (and peanuts if they are from New Mexico)

☻ hummus made at home from dried or canned garbanzo beans (recipes abound online)

☻ plain sour cream (sometimes we mix in a medley of dried, crushed herbs for flavor)

☻ plain, UNFLAVORED, nonfat or lowfat yogurt: we use this for vegetable dipping, or sometimes we mix with blueberries or other fruits or berries to make flavored yogurt- sometimes we freeze to make our own yogurtsicles.

☻ Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies

☻Cascadian Farm Organic Purely O's cereal (these have too much iron to be allowed in excess, but a measured serving a day is okay)

☻Lundberg Organic Brown Rice cakes (unflavored)

For the most part, these can be allowed at anytime
because they are healthy and will not contribute to
a weight problem unless WAY too many
servings are ingested.
Toss them into your cloth snack sack with velcro closure,
and you are ready to travel!
Happy Snacking! What are your healthy snack suggestions?


Girl_Industries said...

I love to snack on cauliflower florets - yum!

Wind said...

lol...I was raised on fried bologna and processed cheese food! One snack that is big in our house is vanilla yogurt mixed with fruit! Like bananas, peaches, pears and apples, they love it! :) Thanks for the great ideas...