Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What is the Voice of Bragg?

Voice of Bragg is a website created by Randy Bragg in the Blogosphere that offers some informative blogging tips and useful blogging tools. If you are a blogger who simply blogs for friends and family and you do not wish to grow your readership, then you may not want to explore expansion options. However, if you are a blogger with a message who wishes to reach a wider audience, you will soon find that there are so many bits of "insider knowledge" to uncover that it really helps to consult those who have already achieved some level of success.

I have recently been exploring what it takes to get that elusive Google Page Ranking (currently I am down at the bottom of the heap at ZERO). For a time, that was okay with me because I really hadn't decided what direction my blog would ultimately follow, and I wasn't ready to put it out there for hundreds, thousands, millions to see. As I have progressed through a period of determining just what my blog is ABOUT, I have come out the other end ready to expand.

So, I have added Entrecard to my blog. I have submitted myself to some bloglists. I have gotten noticed by some more successful blogs who have agreed to give me linkbacks in exchange for my display of banners on my blog. And I have begun the tedium of dissecting what Technorati and Google page rank and RSS feed (I already have this feed, thanks to Feedburner and Blogger's widget ease) and sitemap mean.

In doing so, I have found VOICE OF BRAGG (and others). You will find tips such as:
☼ Make your RSS feed easy to find (mine is up top on the right, so check!)
☼ Don't put a lot of ads on (so far, I have none, so check!)
☼ Keep in touch with your readers (19 readers=pretty easy to keep in touch, so check!)
☼Customize the look and feel
(still working on that one, but templates are only so changeable)
☼add Ping and trackback functionality
(WHAT? well Feedburner offers ping, but this requires more research)

He also offers a handy clickable list of tools that might be essential to your blogging success. I already have and use some of these, but others are on my list for further exploration. If you are on this same path of exploration, I would suggest a look-see at Voice of Bragg. Couldn't hurt!

So, my blog is homespun, and intends to stay that way as regards its content. It is, after all, about gardening, arts, crafts, and one family's attempt to relearn what our grandparents knew, and to achieve self-sustainability. However, I am on the path to make it LOOK less homespun, and to have it inlcude all the techie bells and whistles required to reach that wider audience. One of the leaps to be made by my blog is to its real home at naturewithme.com. Another day!

What techie blogging secrets are you willing to divulge?

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Splendid Little Stars said...

Thanks for sharing this. I wish I had tips to share, but I am just getting started and have much to learn.