Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Greenhouse has been Greened!

I mentioned before that there were two windchimes in the greenhouse. This crazy parrot is one of them, lording over the place with his colors. He is a friendly sort, and I think he enjoyed the activities of the day. There was some dividing of the many aloe vera plants. I really just made a dent today. I have so many now that I may have to start sharing! Aloe vera is a wonderful plant to grow, but now that I have brought them to Oregon, I have to make certain they are carefully overwintered in the garage so they don't freeze. They are very prolific, and are handy in the event of burns, scrapes, sunburn, insect bites, or just to make a luscious facial mask.
In addition to dividing the aloe vera, I repotted the olive tree into a larger pot. This olive tree has quite a story to tell. It was a large, healthy, fruit bearing tree, aged at least 15 years. It watched over the seasons and the growth of grandchildren in front of my mom's condo. The owners of the complex decided they did not want messy olive bearing trees, so sent the tree bandits one fine day and CUT THE WHOLE TREE DOWN without advance warning. Poor tree!

However, these bandits did not dig up the root(s), so a little sprout began to grow back. Mr. Nature and I couldn't bear the plight of this tree, so we dug up all the root system we could hulk out of the ground. We had enough for 4 potted trees. Three of them did not make it, but this one has lived and grown for almost 2 years now. It is about 4x the size it was when first potted.
Freebie software CD Bluebird watched the excavations from her window perch while chirping to the chimes next to her.
More seeds were placed in seedling soil mix and tucked in tightly to germinate.
And the chicks are losing some of their downy wing feathers in favor of more adult looking attire.

Chick, Chick, and Chick bid you Good Day!


Duni said...

Aawww...the chicks are sweet!
We also have a greenhouse, well, not as large as yours. We mostly grow cherry tomatoes. Last years batch weren't too good though. Here's hoping for some sun this spring/summer!

Splendid Little Stars said...

What kind of olives? When will you get fruit?

SLColman said...

The greenhouse is looking so good!!
I loved the story of the olive tree too!
- Stephanie @