Saturday, March 14, 2009

Greening The Green House, Part 2

I had not contemplated the possibility that the greenhouse project would go beyond a Part 2, but it appears that such is exactly the case! I might have to change it to "Greening the Green House, a Continuing Saga," dundundun (heavily played on ominous sounding piano)...

But, the faucet and pipes are all fixed and in working order! That is cause for celebration all by itself. See?
Now, do you see the green hose coming off the new red faucet part of the apparatus? And the rest of said green hose coiled up on the table? Well, McGyver made that. It attaches to the white hose that is the kind which attaches to your kitchen sink and has a little sprayer on the end. See me using the white hose with the little sprayer? My plants LOVE that little sprayer, and I must stay, I also am fan.

So, apparently, McGyver was the former occupant who planted the greenhouse and plumbed the faucet. Awesome! I never watched his show (sorry McGyver) because I was too young to locate its entertainment value, but my dad watched and always said that McGyver was a VERY handy guy! Thank you McGyver. My plants thank you as well.


Being outdoors and working the grounds (and, okay, playing) is a FULL CONTACT SPORT!

A little ointment on a BIG gauze pad was attached, and the patient was on her way to recovery.

Hedges were trimmed.

And trimmings hauled away.

Mr. Nature began the weeding of his garlic bed.

Flowers were spotted.A lager was consumed.

All in a day's work!

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Splendid Little Stars said...

Dear Sinclair,
I have passed the Sisterhood Award on to you, for your wonderful blog with so much heart and soul! Come check it out on my blog.
♥ Margaret

PS I love your greenhouse. I will live vicariously through you as you resurrect it.