Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Apparently, I took yesterday off from blogging. We had cold and rain here for the last few days, so there was no working the gardens and greenhouse. There has been, as always lately, sending out of resumes and conducting employment searches. I am trying to remain optimistic.

I hope you all had a lovely St. Patrick's Day today. We have Irish ancestry, and we joined in on the celebratory eating. We had the yummiest soda bread on the planet (the dark kind with raisins), as well as cabbage and potatoes (and, I must confess, a little corned beef and wild caught salmon). I will spare you the history of St. Patrick's Day, but corned beef is not really an Irish dish. The tradition of corned beef originated in America. A more traditional Irish dish would be ham and cabbage. However, even when we slip off the vegetarian wagon, we do not eat pork. Amilia was none too happy to see meat on the menu, but she certainly dispatched her share of soda bread!

In addition to searching for employment, I have been doing some needful things around the homestead.
  • Tending the baby chicks
  • Darned two pair of socks
  • Made cloth produce bags for grocery shopping so I don't have to use the plastic
  • Mended the canvas laundry hamper that carries clean laundry to the clothesline
  • Made more snack pouches
  • Mended a hole in the lining of a spring purse tote
  • Made more upcycled notebooks

I used packaging in various ways, and on one I attached a piece of scrap fabric on which I had practiced different stitches. They are fun to make, and I feel good about repurposing what would otherwise have ended up in the trash. The Starbucks one is made from what used to be a coffee cozy. I usually take my own cloth coffee cozy, and rarely drink Starbucks coffee, but on occasion it does occur...

Dissected a wool sweater that I had previously picked up at the thrift store. I would have shown you the ball of yarn, but my Amilia kitten batted it around the house and it has been temporarily misplaced.
In short, I have been a busy bee,
and was just too tired yesterday to
keep you in the loop.
Hope you are all healthy and happy!


Splendid Little Stars said...

seriously, and you didn't have time to blog, too?!!!

SLColman said...

You certainly keep busy!!
- Stephanie @ http://fromhuskiestohusbands.today.com

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