Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March of the Lion

The wind here has been ROARING very strong the last few days, so it is time to clean up some of the destruction. These were knocked down from above...and the rest of that will be taken down as well. It has mostly died back and is just a jumble of dry twigs for the squirrels, birds, and wasps to make nests now. The green tarp was covering the spa, but is now in a heap in the corner.
Further efforts today included removing dead potted plants/trees from their containers.

I should have photographed these before I removed the dead plants and covered the containers for the evening, but I didn't remember to pull my camera out of my pocket until after it was done. They are covered for the evening to keep the cats from scratching in the fresh dirt. Notice that all the uprooted material is on a cloth. This is a shower curtain, and we keep several out in the greenhouse for yard use. If we place the debris on this, then all we have to do is grab the four corners and take it to the compost or burn pile. No fuss!
The bunny family watched from their winter hiding spot. And the cat was WISHING I had not covered those pots!

The mad dash to get all grounds and plantings in shape

during our own March Madness,

(or before contracting March Madness?) is afoot!

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